Two Major Landmarks, Cause for Reflection

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a kid, 40 years old seemed ancient. It doesn’t seem so old anymore. It’s funny, mentally, I swear I’m still in my twenties, and most of the time, physically, I feel like I’m spot on, but there are times (and they’re becoming more frequent), where I know my birthdate is wrong, someone screwed up my birth certificate, my parents lied to me . . . because this must be what fifty feels like.

I think 40 is an age where most people pause to take stock of their life. To reflect on where they’ve been, what they’ve accomplished, and how much more living they want to do. I’ve been doing a lot of this lately.

Looking back I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed and humbled. I have four beautiful daughters, six published books, and beat colon cancer. I’ve been married to a wonderful, loyal, faithful, loving wife for fifteen years (today is our anniversary as well as my birthday). I’m still amazed by how patient and tender Jen was during our battle with cancer. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a field where I touch people’s lives every day. I’ve worked with and met some of the best and most interesting folks you can imagine. And I still wake up every morning anxious to see what the day will hold.

But looking forward is when I feel the anxiety begin to creep in. I’m a restless person by nature, always wanting to push myself, to cover new ground, expand, progress, conquer new challenges, and to me, the future looks fuzzy. And that makes me uncomfortable.

There’s so much more I want to accomplish, so many goals that have yet to be reached, and forty is a reminder that time is running short. Half-time is over and the second half will rush by faster than the first half did.

So where do I go? Well, I set aside my own agenda, my goals, my plans, and follow God’s. After all, my life is his, not my own. He’s calling the shots. I need to align myself with his will, not the other way around. I may not get to do all the things I’d like to but I’ll give my all to the things I am called to do. And every day I’ll continue to pray three things:

  • Bless me
  • Use me
  • Keep me from evil

So to celebrate my birthday and anniversary I’d like to give a way a couple things:

  • a signed copy of my latest full-length thriller, FRANTIC,
  • and 2 copies of my recently-released novella, REARVIEW.

All you have to do is leave a comment below to be entered. This contest will run through Friday night and the winners will be announced on Saturday.


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Happy Birthday and Anniversary Mike!
    I hope everything went as well as you’d wanted it too! I’ve been hearing good stuff about Rearview, can’t wait to pick it up!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!
    (Love Dr. Seuss by the way)


  2. I just read this. Happy birthday, Mike, and anniversary, too. I appreciate your honesty and transparency in your blog posts.


  3. Ryan Killion

    Happy birthday and congrats on the anniversary! Have enjoyed your work. Only read Scream but really enjoyed it. Look forward to reading your other work. It has been good to find other good Christian fiction for men. I read a lot as a kid…Frank Peretti and others but there has been so little over the years. Been good to find you, Tom Pawlik, Robin Parrish, among others. Thanks for doing a great work!


  4. Happy birthday and anniversary!!! May God bless you and your family.


  5. Happy birthday! Your writing is a blessing and an inspiration to me. I hope someday to write as well as you do (and in similar genres).


  6. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Thanks for your encouragement and using your gifts to bless others!


  7. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Mike! My friend and I were talking about this just yesterday as we celebrated a life of a friend who passed away. She was 83….and now that we are in our 40’s, we think….”That’s still young!”

    Life truly is a vapor….and I have learned over the past few years that there are so many things in my past that I have wasted my time on that I thought was so important. They were things that took place of what really mattered. I think with age, we get to that place that we truly begin to see the importance of what life is all about: Loving God and loving others. Everything else is just extra!

    What’s so incredible is that as I get older and I learn about what is really more important, I can pass these tidbits of wisdom on to my own children. Maybe, just maybe they will get it sooner than I did. Maybe in their youth they will accomplish much more for the Kingdom of God than I did at their age. Isn’t that part of what life is all about? Allowing our children to stand on our shoulders….our victories and failures….and reach up and out to accomplish all that God has for them while we continue to lift them higher to the One that matters?

    Life is a vapor….and I pray that my last sweeping of the wind will accomplish great things for my Daddy and King!


  8. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! May God bless you and yours (and your work) for many years to come. And you’ll learn–your forties can be awesome!


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