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I recently discovered the group Finding Favour and their song “Slip on By.” Now, I listen to it every morning to get myself ready for the day. The song is all about the preciousness of life, of each moment of life. It’s about cherishing every minute of every day and not letting one moment slip by.

I need this reminder to begin each day.

You can listen to the song here:

This month I’m celebrating five years as a cancer survivor. Cancer also reminds me of the frailty and preciousness of life. When you sit at death’s door you acquire a whole new appreciation for life.

So here’s my declaration: I want to live life to its fullest; I want to cherish each moment, make the most of every opportunity, invest in the lives of others; and I want to let every one I ever come in contact with know the same thing and make the same declaration.

I know I won’t always get it right, not all the time, but for goodness sake I can try.

And trying is better than not trying.

A lot of you know what I’m talking about. You’ve been through the valley, walked in the shadow of death, lost loved ones, battled regrets. Please, join me; spread the word. Testify. Get the message out to others. Tell them how precious life is, how important it is not to let another moment slip by. People need to hear that, they need to understand.

Question for you: What do you do to remind yourself not to take life for granted, not to miss another opportunity, not to waste a moment? How do you keep life precious and cherish every day?


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  1. Thanks, Mike, for this generous reminder. At 33-years-old and after battling Crohn’s disease for 22 of those years, it almost took my life. I was rushed into emergency surgery at 2 AM where surgeons discovered my small intestine was filled with gangrene. They saved my life but I lost 82% of my small intestine and part of my colon. I had an illeostomy and was told that intravenous feeding would be my experience for the rest of my life – however long/short that might be. A person cannot survive with only the 3 feet that remained. While home, desperate and alone, I heard from God. Not a voice by an impression that shook me to the core. The message? Fish and loaves. After 3 months, the illesotomy was reversed, and the intravenous feedings stopped a few months after that. All to the shock and awe of Mayo doctors – I not only survived but thrived. That has been my story for the past 18 years. I celebrate life with you, and to the deep admiration and appreciation to our loving God who still turns little into more than enough.


    • Annie, your story is amazing. Thank you for sharing it! God is so good and faithful. And being a member of ileostomy club and also having mine reversed, I can appreciate your gratitude for being rid of that thing 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!


  2. Annie, I am so happy for you . Our younger son Matt, age 42, also has crohns, it hit him when he was 30. It came out of nowhere, no one had ever heard of it before he got it. I am amazed at your story and how you came through it. Both you and Mike amaze me. I never had the experience of hearing God . How grateful you both must be.


  3. My husband had meniere’s disease, when he was in his 30’s, back in the ’80s. It is a disorder of the inner ear. There a lot of noise in the ear and dizziness is a big problem, caused by fluid. He would get so dizzy he couldn’t walk. He had a shunt put in surgically, to drain the fluid. The surgery was successful, but he developed meningitis because the surgery was so close to the brain and a germ got in. He recovered from the meningitis and the shunt worked fine, for a while. He started having the symptoms again. So, one year later, he went back for more surgery. My biggest fear was he would get meningitis again, so I kept praying against that. While he was in surgery, I stood on a little balcony and was praying, and I felt a Presence beside me. I knew instantly that it was Jesus, not just an angel, but the Lord Himself. What I felt was power so strong, I wanted to melt into Him. I know that if He had said. “Come with Me”‘ I would have gone, no questions asked. I would have left my little children, my husband, my parents. I had such a peace, I knew Larry would be ok. He was fine, he has had no more trouble, except the ear is still very noisy and now he is practically deaf in that ear.

    Fast forward to 2003. My favorite cousin, Jody, was dying of pancreatic cancer. His family didn’t think he was saved, so they continually witnessed to him. His wife didn’t like that, and Jody was getting to the point where he didn’t want to hear it anymore. I went to visit him, his wife was in the room, we started talking about football, because there was a game on. I knew I couldn’t say anything while his wife was in there. Then the phone rang, and she went downstairs to take the call. I seized the opportunity, and Jody said, “Not you, too!” I told him that his family loved him. Then I told him the story of Jesus on the balcony with me. He listened without protest. I had enough time to tell the story before his wife came back.

    I found out in December that he had cancer, went to visit him In January, and he died in February, which was also when the second space shuttle crashed. (Time frame) Just before he died, he told his family to leave the room so he could do what he had to do. I believe that is when he made his peace with God.

    Mike asked what causes us to treasure life, I think it is Jesus. He made life precious. I had a chance to go with Him, he chose to leave me here. I saw my children grow, have seen 4 beautiful grandchildren born into this world. I even got to see the last one born! There is a lot in this world that fills me with wonder, and a lot that would terrify me if I didn’t know Jesus will be there at the end, as He has been all along.


    • Cathy, thank you so much for sharing. What an amazing encounter! I’ve had similar experiences but not as vivid. During cancer when the chemo was going strong I had times of feeling God was literally there with me, holding me. It’s an amazing thing to be a child of the Living God, isn’t it? We have hope, something the rest of the world yearns for but will never find or experience without Christ.

      Thanks again for sharing.


  4. I know that when we are weak, He is strong! This reminds of one of my favorite verses about eternal salvation: “My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me; and I give eternal life to them and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” John 10:27,28 We are always safe in our Father’s hands!


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