Thoughts on Turning Gray

I have gray hair.

When I was a kid I was a tow head, hair as blond as flax. It stayed that way until I reached middle school then started turning brown until it reached a nice shade of mahogany. Then it happened. I was in my early thirties when it started changing and now that I’m forty I’m mostly gray. Funny thing is, other people notice more than I do. To me my hair is still brown (though sometimes I try to convince myself it’s turning back to blond, kind of a silvery shade of blond).

My wife says it depends on how the light shines on it. If my head catches the light just right, at just the right angle, my hair glows like tinsel.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tell myself it’s sophisticated, that gray hair is mature looking, a sign of polish and class. That someday I’ll look like Richard Gere.

Fact is, gray hair does have some benefits. Um, I can’t think of any at the moment, but I’m sure there are some. Like the fact that I never get carded. ‘Course, I don’t do or buy anything for which I need to be carded. But if I did I bet they wouldn’t card me because of my gray hair.

Then there’re the folks who think my wife is my daughter. That’s probably not a benefit, though.

Some (mostly women) have suggested that I dye my hair, use that Just for Men stuff. But the reality is . . .

I have gray hair.

And I just don’t care.

Afer all, it’s only hair.


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  1. Very funny way of looking at turning gray! I myself have never seen the big deal of either getting older or turning gray (and this is coming from a woman!). I am 40 but have not seen any gray in my hair. I, do, well, um, get my hair colored. However, I am sure that if I ever saw any gray in my hair it wouldn’t be a big deal. It is supposed to be a sign of wisdom. Right? Right. And, my hair did the same as yours when I was younger. I started out a blonde until close to middle school then turned brunette.


  2. I like my gray hair. I’m approaching 60 now, and all the hair is gray. I did feel the same as you stated here, covering the gray or touching it up; even had these thoughts until very recently, but never did do it. Maybe I felt sometimes that I would feel ridiculous, or that it would grow out & be worse. Now there isn’t much point to it because there are too many other signs of my age, and it would look somewhat comical.
    There is a certain distinction associated with men’s greying hair. Wear it with some pride, knowing that you are living a good life still breathing the air that doesn’t fill the lungs of many contemporaries. And as you shop, the younger store clerks feel inclined to offer the “senior discount” even before you have really earned it. There are advantages!
    Thank you for the blog.


  3. Glowing like tinsel? That one had me really chuckling! Hair still brown to you? They call that denial. Again, chuckling. I think Richard Gere colors his hair. There’s not much gray there. The clincher was people think your wife is your daughter!!! I laugh because my hubby went through all this, but he ended up coloring his hair for years because he was the youngest of his brothers and was already gray. Then they changed the formula, and his hair looked purple in the sun. That’s when he did the Grecian Formula for men. Worked nicely. Finally went natural. He looks good in it. And the ‘bennies’ of senior discount do come into play. His sister was gray earlier than you, and got the ‘discount.’ She eventually used a light brown coloring. Now she is all gray again. Gray is good if you’re past 55 or look good gray earlier in age. Grecian Formula would be good. It looks natural.

    Who knows, maybe you’ll get more respect with gray hair. The wise-looking sage. Sorry, couldn’t pass that up. Whatever you choose, you’re still Mike. You still write great books!

    Great post!


  4. I wash that Gray right outa my hair!!!!


  5. My husband and I both have a good amount of gray hair. On him it seems sophisticated and handsome in a mature sort of way. On me it appears light brown with blonde highlights.


  6. My husband’s line is: I’d rather have it turn gray than turn loose. I like the way he thinks. 🙂


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