“Who Wants to Write With Me” FIVE FINALISTS ANNOUNCED!

Time to announce the five finalists in the “Who Wants to Write a Story With Me?” contest.

But first, a little background. I received well over a hundred submissions. There were a lot of great story ideas. A lot. Some really moved me, got my imagination engine revving. Others not so much.

But here’s the problem. We’re looking to write a short story and many of the ideas were too big to be limited to a short story. Full-length novel? Definately. But not a short story. So while I was fond of them they simply didn’t fit the limitations a short story imposes.

So what was I looking for? I was looking for an idea that got me thinking right away, got me toying with plots, travelling down roads that most people don’t even know exist. But they needed to be appropriate for the project at hand.

Not an easy decision, I can assure you. Like I said, there were a lot of great ideas. And sometimes, the simplest ones pack the most powerful punch.

So without further delay, here are your five finalists. I’m only listing their names at this point. The winner will be announced on Wednesday and then I’ll reveal not only the name but the sentence as well.

David Wagner
Cathy Groover
Greg Fisher
Cory Clubb
Harry Fouts

Congrats to the finalists! (If you’re a finalist and you submitted more than one idea, sorry, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out which one finaled. I’ll let you know then).

If you’re name isn’t on that list IT’S NOT because your idea(s) was no good. Like I’ve said a few times already, there were A LOT of great ideas. But for one reason or another these five folks had ideas that stirred something inside me. Got me excited on a different level.

Okay, the winner will be announced on Wednesday!! (I honestly don’t know who it will be yet!)


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Congratulations to each of the 5 finalists. Great job.

    Good luck.


  2. Congrats to the finalists!!!! This is sooo exciting, can’t wait to hear the results! Over 100 submissions??? That’s awesome:-)


  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to finding out the winner and the winner’s sentence!


  4. Linda Dindzans

    congrats to finalists!


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