Name My Blog Contest

I want to change the name of this blog. It’s time. Currently it’s “What Mike Says” and I’m tired of that. It’s trite, boring, vanilla.

So here’s what we’re doing: I’m going to give you a chance to rename this blog. Not the entire website, just the blog, what you’re reading now. If you want to, take some time to peruse some of the posts and get a feel for the type of stuff I write for this blog. It’s not really focused on any one topic. A little about writing, a little about parenting, a little about life and faith and how the two intersect. There’s also some about my writing in particular, my books, my activities.

I know there are some very creative people out there. I’m looking for something outside the box. Something that isn’t cliche for a fiction author or suspense writer. Something that begs people to click on it and see what it’s all about.

Just comment to enter. You may enter as many suggestions as you want. Winner will be announced Thursday morning.

And the prize for the title I choose? One of my books and a PDF copy of a never-published book I wrote several years ago called Fear Mountain. Only a handful of people have ever read this book. I recently edited it and am now making it available in PDF form for limited giveaways such as this as.

So are you in? Get that creative engine humming and give it your best shot!


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. How about Mike’s Meditations.


  2. I have it! Mike’s Mindtrip! Ok, I’m done, but I really want that unpublished book!


  3. How about Open “MIKE” Site


  4. “The Synaptic Cleft” or “The Synaptic Gap” I think your insight provokes thought. You have a way of putting things together that make perfect sense. : ) -Teque


  5. Justin Goodrich

    “The Dellosso Discussion”, “Fearless Foundation , “The Writer’s Block”, “Writer’s Blog”, “Going Deeper with Mike Dellosso”, “The Profound Underground”, “A Writer’s Wisdom”……….Hope this helps Mike!


  6. A little spark in the darkness


  7. susansnodgrass

    How about Mike’s Musings? Dialogue with Dellosso? Ponder with Mike?
    I have all your books and the pdf of Fear Mountain but if I win, I’d donate to a young woman at church who loves Christian fiction but doesn’t have the fianances to buy books.


  8. Matt Kerstetter

    Mikes realm of verbal quandary
    The uncanny neck of the woods
    Unnatural stomping grounds
    Corner of eerie street
    Ghostwriters corner
    The unearthly ghostwriter


  9. Um, let me see. How about Mike’s Musings? That should cover just about everything you wanted to talk about, right?


  10. Mike’s Mysteries


  11. Colloquy and Crossroads


  12. Reggie Greenleaf

    Inspirations of an Overactive Imagination!


  13. Inside the Mind of Mike ~~ revealing both Heart and Soul!


  14. Matt Kerstetter

    The King Husker Epics


  15. Matt Kerstetter

    King’s Tower
    A moment with King

    King being a reference to your writer name..


  16. Dellosso Daily


  17. Matt Kerstetter

    Fields of ceaseless chatter
    Records within the eerie hollow
    The crawly accounts of Michael King


  18. Matt Kerstetter

    The cornerstone table


  19. Fret Thread


  20. Not sure, Mike, if you’re looking to maintain reference to your name.

    Was thinking something like Anomalous Afterthoughts. “Mike’s” or “Dellosso’s” could preceed, of course.


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