Rename My Blog . . . Um, or Maybe Not

So I had this contest to rename my blog. And well, I hate to say this and feel really bad about it but . . . there isn’t a winner.


 (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)

This makes me feel like such a blockhead because when I hold a contest I like there to be a winner. That’s kind of the point of a contest.

I guess I was looking for an entry that would give me that instant “That’s it!” moment and I just didn’t find it. And I can’t just put something up there that I’m not thrilled about.

THANK YOU to all who entered and gave suggestions. Really, it’s me, not you. I’m the blockhead. There were some great titles offered, some very creative, some just plain funny . . . I just didn’t find the right one.

Please feel free to continue to submit suggestions if you like and if I use yours you’ll still get the free books. This might help . . . I’m taking my fiction in a new direction, more focus on psychological thrillers so if we can incorporate something about the mind and life and fiction . . . I don’t know. I’ll keep thinking on it too.

Man, I hate it when a contest fails. Sorry.


About mikedellosso

Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. Jill Potts Jones

    How about—
    A story brewing–what mike writes…..


  2. I missed this contest…here are a few ideas…don’t know what the rules were…take them for what they are…just ideas. 🙂

    Absolute Threshold
    Cognitive Perspective
    The Suspense Is Killing Me
    Playing With My Mind
    Stream Of Consciousnesses.


  3. Naming a blog is such a big deal that it’s held me back from starting one. I think you’re wise in waiting, and it’s just so sweet that many stepped up with ideas!


  4. My blog was easy to name. My last name is Hart, so I named it “A Moment From The Hart.”



  5. Into the Recesses
    A Deeper Look
    Speculations of an Amateur


  6. If you’re going to be writing about psychological stuff, how about, Mike Mania, Mike’s Mania, Mike’s Mental, Mike’s Mentality, Manic Mike, Dellosso’s Delirious, or Frantic Fallout. LOL


  7. Justin Goodrich

    A Scribe’s Soul, A Poet’s Perception, The Dramatist’s Direction, A Biographer’s Brain, Author’s attention, The Dellosso Intellect, An intellect in retrospect, Going Deeper, The Imagination Station, A Survivor’s Soul, Soul Survivor, Mike’s Legacy, Close Call, A Writer’s Narrow Escape, Mortality in Motion, The Mortal Mind, A Mortal Mind’s Meditation,


  8. Justin Goodrich

    Mike’s reflection, Words from the Edge, A Reflection in the Rearview, A Look in the Mirror, A Window into a Writer, The Writer’s Window, The Upward Call, My Journey, Out of My Mind.



    Mike’s Psycho Babble


  10. The Mind of Mike


  11. Linda Dindzans

    Mike’s Mindset


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