Boy, Do I Want to Rebel

Road blocked by landslide

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I do a lot of driving for my day job. That’s a lot of time spent between the lines. I drift, sure I do, and on rare occasions I sneak over the line. On rare occasions, mind you.

Most of my time on the road is spent minding the lines. Why? Serious stuff can happen if you cross them too much or cross them at an inopportune time. Lots can go wrong.

The lines are there to keep us and others safe.

But I’ll admit, sometimes I want to cross them. I do. And not only cross them, I want to jump off the road altogether and blaze my own trail.

The majority of my driving is in rural areas on roads that cut through farm land and orchards. Almost daily I have the urge to spin the wheel and go full throttle into one of those fields, plowing over corn stalks like toothpicks. I want to ignore those lines, abandon the road, and rebel.

But, alas, I refrain. There would certainly be consquences–both to my wallet and my car–for such behavior.

LIfe is a lot like that. At least mine is. I spend my life between the lines, between boundaries. Within those boundaries I’m free to roam, to swerve, to stop and go. But the lines are important, to cross them would mean to suffer consequences I’d rather not have to face.

The space between those lines is God’s will for my life. They are there to keep me and others safe, to keep me from getting myself in compromising situations, to keep me from making a fool of myself, to keep me from doing something I’ll later really regret.

But if I’m being honest I have to admit that daily I want to cross those lines. I want to rebel. I want to do my own thing. I want to abandon what I know to be right and good and pleasing to God and I want to hit those corn stalks going ninety and see what happens. It might be fun.

Most of the time I don’t. I refrain because I know there will be consequences. But occasionally I do cross those lines. I rebel. I go my own way. And yes, there are always consequences.

How do you feel about those lines? Do you ever want to rebel? Be honest now.


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Mike Dellosso is an author of wide-eyed suspense. He writes stories that not only entertain but enlighten.

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  1. I am fine staying right between those lines. In fact hate to pass on 2 lane roads.


  2. What a powerful analogy of the Christian walk. You are writing another Michael King book, are you not???


  3. Great analogy, Mike. I also want to rebel, at least daily. But I have learned from my “unsaved” past that, yes, there are consequences for rebellion. Like you, I’ve learned that while God promises we will not pay the ultimate price for our rebellion, we will suffer His corrective discipline in the form of consequences. He never promised to spare us the negative effects of sinful behavior. After all, if we’re never punished for our selfishness, we’ll just return to our old sin-natures. So, I too am mindful of the lines, and I’m aware there is a lot of freedom between them. God bless you.


  4. I’ve always been a “good girl”… In fact, my husband calls me “the rule keeper”. I don’t like to rebel on anything more than what I know I shouldn’t eat. I’ve a good healthy fear of consequences. I especially fear the consequences and impact my actions and “rebellion” may have on others. What about the farmer growing the corn, right? The hard work destroyed, the financial impact. Oh my, how will he afford to feed his family? Yes, my mind’s road takes me there!

    Most importantly, I don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit with my actions. Our Lord knows I do that enough in every day thinking and living. Least I can do is try to keep most rules.

    No, the corn is safe with me and my husband gets to hear me complain about his wandering outside the lane markers. The road and life’s. 🙂


  5. Yes–every time I see those orange cones on the road, I want to swerve back and forth b/t them…esp. when there’s no road-work being done and it just slows down traffic. Obviously I’m not stupid enough to do that…but the desire is there. In my Christian walk, I have gone the rebellious route, and it never gives the payoff it promises. It only brings heartache in the end. Not to say I’m not tempted, but every year I get a bit wiser as to Satan’s “carrots” he dangles in front of me.


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