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Books Are Not Children

Releasing your novel into the world is a lot like letting go of your child.

 No, I’m not a writer who looks at my books as my children. They’re not my children. They’re books, words on a page. Yes, they mean a lot to me. Yes, I invested hours, days, months into developing and honing them. Yes, I poured my emotions into them. But they are not my children.

 They don’t talk back. They don’t drag their feet when I ask them to do something (though it’d be nice if they’d jump off the bookstore shelves a little faster!). They can’t give me hugs and bedtime kisses. They don’t make me laugh at their spontaneity and silliness. Man, their not even comfortable to snuggle with.

 My books are not my children. But releasing them into the world is a lot like sending my kids into that cold, heartless place. Many of the same questions run through my mind. Will they be accepted? Will people like them? Will they make a positive impact on the lives of others? What if they’re misunderstood? How will they take criticism? How will I take criticism of them?

 We spend a good chunk of our life raising and developing and training our children so when they go into the world they will be able to stand on their own and make their way. And maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll be accepted and welcomed and enjoyed by others.

 Nobody wants to feel responsible for raising a pompous blowhard or an arrogant fool or, please no, a serial killer. Books (to a much lesser degree) follow suit.

 So when that novel is released it is the author’s job, his solemn duty, to worry, pray, chew his nails to hardly-distinguishable nubs, endure sleepless nights, and pray some more that his book will be accepted with smiles and kind words.

 Readers often ask me which of my three books is my favorite. The authorially-correct answer is to say that I love them all the same as I do my children, just in different ways. But it’s not true. They are not my children and I do have a favorite. As for which one I love best . . . well, that’s my business. Ask me around. I’ll be around, spying on how my books are being accepted in this big bad world.


FIRST Wild Card Book Tour

Darlington Woods is being talked about a lot on the web today. It’s part of the FIRST Wild Card Book Tour. Below are links to the bloggers offering reviews of the book. For a full list of bloggers participating, click here.

And a big THANK YOU to all who participated. Thanks for helping spread the word!

WORD up!
Carlybird’s Home
Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno
Life in Review
Book Reviews by BuukLvr81
Daysong Reflections

More posts will be added throughout the day as they stream in.

Birthday Party for Darlington Woods


For the rest of this week, Kim Ford over at Window to My World will be hosting a birthday party for Darlington Woods. The party will include a review, an interview, and a really cool giveaway.

Stop over today, check out her review of Darlington Woods and an interview we did, and leave a comment to enter the contest.

A Couple New Reviews of DW

Today we have the first stop on the virtual leg of the Light the Darkness Book Tour. Over at Thoughts of a Sojourner, Mark Buzard did a review of Darlington Woods today and tomorrow will run a guest post I wrote.

Also, check out the review Deena Peterson did at A Peek at my Bookshelf.

By the way, the CT scan yesterday went smoothly. I should get the results by Friday.

And don’t forget, for those of you who live near Hanover, PA . . . Saturday is the first brick and mortar stop of my book tour. Walden Books, North Hanover Mall, 11:00 to 2:00. A signed book makes a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift!

DW Released!!!

Happy Birthday, Darlington Woods!!!

Today, May 4th, is the official release date for my third novel, Darlington Woods. I know some of you have already purchased and read it because it’s been available on and for weeks. Not sure how they get away with that but for brick and mortar bookstores today is it, the day it appears on shelves.

If you happen to pass by a bookstore during your travels today, why not stop in and see if Darlington Woods is on the shelf. And if it isn’t, please, please, say something to the clerk and ask him or her to make sure the store stocks it.

Now, here’s what’s ahead in upcoming weeks. Other websites will be doing reviews, hosting interviews, and even putting up some guest blog posts by yours truly. I’ll link to all of them as they happen.

Also, my publisher has something super cool in the works for my online presence . . . so stay tuned for more information on that. Really, it’s going to be unique and interesting. I’ve not seen anything like it before.

Finally, if you don’t yet have a copy of Darlington Woods, go get yourself one, read it, then enter my Darlington Woods Contest by clicking on the tab above and tackling the DW trivia. And if you feel so inclined, I’d be forever grateful if you’d post a review on Amazon.

Thank you, my readers. You make this whole thing possible. Without you I’d just be another writer with big dreams and sore fingers.

So how am I celebrating this milestone? I’m having a CT scan done today! So during the morning hours I’ll be drinking the contrast solution and then the scan is at 2:00 pm. I’ll tell you, I’ve thrown more gross stuff down my gullet in the past two years than in the previous 35. And that’s counting the totally inedible stuff kids put in their mouth. This is no big deal . . . just that trying to drink it around my work schedule should be interesting.

Last Chance to Win!

Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter the contest over at Unveiled to win free copies of my books including a complete autographed set of all three. If you haven’t entered yet, it’s really easy, just go on over to the contest page and leave a comment. That’s it!

You could win . . . really!

And don’t forget, tomorrow is the official street release date for Darlington Woods!

Hidden Images

Some of you have caught onto this already . . . those who have already purchased a copy of Darlington Woods . . . and I hear it’s driving some to madness.


On the cover of Darlington Woods there are a number of human/human-like images, some plain to see, some hidden, some shadowy. If you have a copy (or when you get your copy) take a look and see if you can find all of them. I’m not telling how many there are just yet (it may be more than you think, or not as many as you think), maybe we’ll do some kind of contest and offer a giveaway in the near future.

For now, get your copy and study the cover . . . they’re there, you just have to have a keen eye to spot them all.

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