Otherworldly Screams…
A Madman on the Loose…
This Time the Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

While talking to his friend on the phone, Mark Stone is startled by a cacophony of otherworldly screams. Seconds later, a tragic accident claims his friend’s life. When this happens several more times—screams followed by an untimely death—he is compelled to act.

Battling his failure as a husband and struggling with his own damaged faith, Mark embarks on a mission to find the meaning behind the screams and hopefully stop death from calling on its next victim. When his estranged wife is kidnapped and he again hears the screams as she calls from her cell phone, his search becomes much more personal and much more urgent.

Named “Best Christian Thriller of 2009” by Deen Peterson (A Peek at My Bookshelf).

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Mike Dellosso is a storyteller extraordinaire. It’s a rare writer who has the chops—or the courage—to lead readers into hell so he can show them heaven. In Scream, Dellosso does exactly that. Scream is an expertly crafted thriller that combines a tight, twisting plot with intriguing characters, primarily an imperfect but genuinely likeable protagonist and one of wickedest villains this side of a nightmare. Toss Dellosso’s brilliant wordsmithing into the mix, and bam!—you got yourself a story that’ll keep you reading well into the night . . . and thinking about it long afterward.
— Robert Liparulo, author of Comes a Horseman, Germ, and Deadfall

Mike Dellosso has once again brought us an engaging thriller full of gut-wrenching suspense and strong spiritual truth. Scream will have you breathlessly flying through the pages and closely examining your heart at the same time. Mike Dellosso is a bright new talent that demands to be noticed.
–Jake Chism,

Mike Dellosso turns up the heat in his edgy and gripping thriller, Scream. Never predictable, always riveting, superbly paced, this novel is impossible to put down—and impossible to ignore.
–Kathryn Mackel, author of Vanished

In The Hunted and now in Scream, Mike Dellosso speeds readers along the twisting backroads of rural settings, where characters struggle with personal anguish and spiritual questions. Hold on for a fast-paced journey that satisfies on a number of levels.
–Eric Wilson, author of Field of Blood and Haunt of Jackals

Mike Dellosso, an astonishing new voice in supernatural thrillers, cements his right to be grouped with the likes of King and Peretti, with his relentless new thriller, Scream. Delosso’s sophomore effort is packed with wonderfully flawed characters, a very creative plot, and a strong spiritual message.
–Susan Sleeman,

Mike’s writing is filled with suspense. Once you’ve started his book, it’s hard to put it down. More importantly, there is a truth that comes through loudly and clearly. Heaven and hell are real. In light of the brevity of life, the time to tell people about Christ is not tomorrow; it’s today. Scream reminds each believer of the need to reach out – NOW!
–Dr. Larry Moyer, President and CEO, EvanTell

  1. Hi. My name is Lexi and when i saw the book Scream sitting there on the library shelf, I didn’t really notice it to be honest. But the librarian (God bless her) noticed me looking and said I should read it. As I began reading through this book and the first mention of God appeared I just thought it was a coincidence, or just random. It might just be me, but you do NOT find many books talking about God. Then you mentioned it again, and again, and again… Then when the end came rolling round I felt so much happier and, well.. It’s hard to explain but it felt good to finally read something that freely mentioned Jesus and God. I’m a freshman in high school and I just wanted to say I admire all these books and plan on reading even more of Mr. Dellosso’s.


  2. Johnny “Shotgun”
    EDGY Faith Story
    One of Satan’s earthly best hitches rides with teen peers angst and confusion after steering a bullying problem to tragedy but is ejected when one of God’s best, his classmate, discovers just how much force his influence really has. Paperback/Kindle


  3. Sounds like another MUST READ for me….Hope I can find it here in our Bookstore in Ont. Canada. So looking forward to reading Frantic , thanks again for the opportunity Mike.



  4. Thank you for such an awesome story. As a minister’s daughter, I find myself having some of the same questions and thoughts that Mark struggled with in the book. Coming to the realization that you can’t get into Heaven by association and action alone was a major turning point for me. In the book, I think it was Pastor Tim who talked about letting the knowledge move from the head to the heart. I loved that.

    I picked up your ebook through Amazon, but I’ll be buying them all for my church library. I can’t wait to read the other books. On par with the works by Frank Peretti.


  5. Just finished reading my free Kindle download of Scream. Tremendous book and tremendous message. I read a lot of mysteries and can usually pick the villain out, but this took me by surprise. Excellent! I will recommend your books to all my friends at church.


  6. arlene wesseling

    Enjoyed “The Hunted” immensely and looking forward to finding more of your novels. Keep up the good work.


  7. Bethany Willhite

    I go to Christian School of York, and my English teacher is having us read The Hunted. I just wanted to say that once I picked it up I could not put it down!!


    • Thanks, Bethany! I don’t know if your teacher told you but I graduated from CSY. Glad you’re enjoying the story. Let me know what you think when you’re finished it, okay?


  8. The book “Scream” was awesome, I loved reading it. It all started one day when I was hanging out with my friends at the library at our high school. We started talking about what we think the genres of random books are just from looking at the cover. Then I looked at your book, I thought it looked pretty scary at first then I read the back, it sounded interesting. My friends said it sounded stupid and weird and convinced me not to get it. the next day I came back to your book and got it. Ever since then I am so glad i ame back to get your book i feel like it changed my life, I’m pretty sure it did.


  9. I would love to read this book but unfortunatly I can not find it anywhere. Really dissapointed


    • Dawn, you may not find it in a bookstore since it’s four years old and stores have to watch how they use their shelf safe but Scream is available at any online retailer (Amazon, CBD, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and it’s available in e-book form as well.


  10. Awesome book – just read it from Amazon on my Kindle (yes, it is still available!). It really hits home when Mark talks about not speaking to his Dad because of his religious beliefs. There are so many people out there these days doing the same thing. Hearing the screams then someone passing on gave me the shivers, but kept me reading wanting more. I’ve often wondered myself what different Pastors would have to say about Heaven vs. Hell. I like when he meets Pastor Tim – it lets you understand that there are other pastors out there who have “been there, done that” and turned their lives around just like Pastor Tim – regardless of your age or past, there is still time to turn yourself around. I can’t wait to read more by Mike Dellosso and will refer him to my cousin – another murder mystery / thriller fan!


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